Entrepreneur Shares The Life Of Ceo & Co-founder Of Stormsensor Erin Rothman And How She Got To Where She Is Today

18 March 2019 | By ENTREPENEUR

This entrepreneur gained perspective about embracing positive moments despite having to overcome childhood bullying.

In this videoEntrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars speaks with the CEO and co-founder of StormSensor, Erin Rothman, who dives into a period in her late childhood where she was intent on disliking her environment and seeing the worst in nearly everything.

However, as an entrepreneur and a person intent on making progress in life, Rothman learned she needed to see the positives in life.

Rothman speaks about how she was bullied harshly in school, which affected her social interactions and her willingness to open up and confide in others, even with her closest family members.

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